Our Technology Is:

●    Simple to use (could be use in the front line of hospitals or airports)

●    Affordable technology compared with other molecular technologies (qPCR and ELISAS)

●    Steady supply chain that was not affected by the high COVID-19 RNA diagnostic demand

Past Experience In Virology

ConquerX team has experience developing and prototyping biosensors for different purposes including virus such as HPV, dengue and HIV. Moreover, the team has experience prototyping biosensors for the detection of proteins, DNA and microRNAs.

DNA detection for Human papillomavirus (“HPV”)

The electrochemical biosensor prototype was used to detect DNA of human papillomavirus, the sensor had a detection limit of 5.967 x 10-17 M of target DNA, which is comparable to commercial methods of detecting HPV such as PappilloCheck, which relies on PCR to run.


microRNA detection for breast cancer

In a case-control pilot, the Metachip prototype was tested for the detection of microRNA-155, a biomarker highly expressed in earlier stages of breast cancer. The test was able to detect breast cancer with a sensitivity of 83% (compared to 67% of mammogram), specificity of 99% (75% of mammogram), and accuracy of 90%.


Antigen/Antibody detection for Syphilis detection (Prototype) - In progress

Submitted a provisional patent in the US, title: Syphilis detection Platform, application number 62960207, Jan 2020.


Simultaneous detection of MicroRNA, DNA and proteins for cancer - In progress.

Submitted a provisional patent in the US, title: Nanocomposite and methods of use thereof, application number 62678855, May 2018.

Early Diagnosis Made Simple

The PACT platform was ideated to become an asymptomatic screening test for multiple types of cancer. Then primary care doctors will be able to request PACT in their usual lab routine test for symptomatic patients. The test is still undergoing clinical research and it is not available in the hospitals yet.

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This project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 SME Instrument program under grant agreement nr 854871

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