Poly-Analyte Cancer Test

PACT is a poly-analyte diagnostic platform that combines biosensing and artificial intelligence. The biosensor measures the expression of proteins and microRNAs in peripheral blood without the requirements of amplification or sequencing. Then, a proprietary algorithm analyzes the expression of the biomarkers to deliver the diagnostic. This combination results in an accurate biomarker selection and an easy to use detection method providing a unique diagnostic test for seven types of cancer. After the FDA approval, the PACT platform will be sold to hospitals, clinics, and laboratories. PACT Platform can detect many pre-assembled panels of biomarkers, opening possibilities for secondary diagnostic solutions.

Early Diagnosis Made Simple

The PACT platform was ideated to become an asymptomatic screening test for multiple types of cancer. Then primary care doctors will be able to request PACT in their usual lab routine test for symptomatic patients. The test is still undergoing clinical research and it is not available in the hospitals yet.

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This project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 SME Instrument program under grant agreement nr 854871

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